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Makeup Artist/ Beauty Director

Professional makeup artist from Japan, based in NYC.

As a makeup artist, what inspires Mitch the most is the privilege of being able to help others to find their hidden beauty in the way they never thought of, and express it in a creative way as an art. 

Mitch's work has been published in magazines such as Vogue,

WSJ, DAZED magazine, and more among many others. 

He has collaborated with truly talented photographers, models, designers and stars from the artistic and creative fashion world. 


Vogue magazine (USA)

Vogue Taiwan (Taiwan)

Vogue Czechoslovakia (Czechoslovakia)

Vogue Italia (Italy)

Vogue Singapore (singapore)

Vogue Portugal  

Wall Street Journal (USA)


V Magazine

V Man

Avant Arte

ODDA magazine

​Harper's BAZAAR US (USA)

Harper's BAZAAR Mexico (Mexico)

Harper's BAZAAR China (China)

Harper's BAZAAR Taiwan (Taiwan)

​ELLE Mexico (Mexico)

​CAP 74024 (Italy)

Wonderland China (China)

Numéro Netherlands 


Interview magazine (USA)

Dazed fashion (UK)

Office magazine (USA)

​Marie Claire Turkey (Turkey)

Marie Claire  Mexico and Latin America (Mexico)

L'OFFICIEL Mexico (Mexico)

L'OFFICIEL India (India)

L'OFFICIEL Hommes Thailand  (Thailand)

L'OFFICIEL Arabia (Dubai)

GRAZIA China (China)

GQ China

contributor Magazine 

DESNUDO Italia (Italy)

​Infringe Magazine

DNA magazine (Mexico)


Iris Covert Book

BLANC Magazine (USA)

1883 magazine (UK)

Flaunt magazine (USA)

NYLON Spain (Spain)

Vanity Teen Magazine (UK)

Ladygunn magazine (USA)

Teeth magazine (USA)

DSCENE magazine (UK)

Trend Prive magazine (UK)

Schön! Magazine (UK)

​IRK magazine

MMscene (UK)

FEROCE magazine (UK)

French fries magazine (Milan)

Man Of Metropolis (USA)

This Bitch magazine 

JUTE magazine 


​Scorpio Jin magazine

Marika magazine (Russia)

Picton magazine

STELL magazine (Australia)

Flanelle magazine (Canada)

​YOKO magazine (France)

KALTBLUT magazine (Germany)

YearBook fanzine 

ARCHIVE magazine

Elegant magazine 

PINNK magazine (Australia)

Vulkan magazine 

VOLUNT magazine (Germany)

ROUGHdigital (UK)

Solstice magazine

​Mob digital

Cable Magazine

Zimo (NYFW lead makeup)

KKW Beauty

GXVE Beauty



Melissa shoes


Oscar Mayer

Calvin Klein 

​Willy Chavarria

Brandon Blackwood

Baboon to the moon



Gelato Pique

Ophelia & Indigo


Carla Colour





Beepy Bella

Norman Ambrose

​Morgane Le Fay

​MOSSO Skincare

Minus us

​Showroom seven

Tabacuru Swim

Athena Newton


Subin Hann

Ana Luisa

​Above studio


J Balvin

Rels B

John Mayer

Aimee Carrero

Darren Criss

Maye Musk

Armando Cabral

Princess Nokia

Tschabalala self

​AnnaSophia Robb

​Estefania Pessona (Tefi)

​Maria Isabel

Zion Moreno


​Dana Dentata

​Mitchell Kazuma

​Sarah Kinlaw

Sophia Roe

SUO (Saara Untracht-Oakner)

Susan McPherson

​Chris Lavish

an only child 


The Natvral

​Ben Silby

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